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Inspired by going back to basics, Steiner’s new range of practical tableware are bold in their clean form and tactile finish that demands to be touched. With a strong focus on New Zealand’s food culture, the range offers a striking, hand-crafted canvas for memorable meal presentation.

How it’s made:

Using a porcelain clay recipe and firing process unique to Steiner Ceramics, each piece comprises of a dense, durable body and pure white quality; ensuring a notably sharp color response once glazed. The Steiner Matte Glaze is a one-of-a-kind recipe created to guarantee scratch resistance and increase durability.

Caring Instructions:

Washing: The tableware is dishwasher safe. Ensure plates are stacked carefully to avoid excess friction.

Temperature: Beware of sudden temperature changes i.e. freezer to oven, as this can cause thermal shock. Heat stress or oven use is not recommended as this can lead to cracking.

Storage: The tableware can be stacked.

SHIPPING: We will ship orders the day we receive them if we get the order before 2PM (Monday to Friday). Otherwise we will ship the following morning. Our courier service is next day to North Island or 2 days to South Island.

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